Viscous Fluid Damper-VFD

The viscous fluid damper(VFD) is a damper device that uses a cylinder-type structure filled with a damping medium to drive the flow of the internal medium […]

Shock Transmission Unit (STU)

BAOLI Shock Transmission Unit (STU), also called dynamic connector, is designed to be connected between bridge structure components to form a rigid link under dynamic loads […]

Buckling restrained brace(BRB)

The buckling restrained brace consists of steel core and casting, in which the steel core encased by bond preventing layer, the casting is made by full […]

Viscous Fluid Damper for Bridge and Building Construction

Viscous fluid damper is an energy-consuming damping equipment which has cylinder type structure filled with damping medium, producing damping effect by driving internal medium to flow […]
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