Uniaxial Geogrid

Uniaxial Geogrids are extruded from HDPE or PP. It can provide high strength in one direction and typically used on earth walls and slopes under long […]

Biaxial Geogrid

Biaxial Geogrid is manufactured from high density polythylene. It is produced through the process of extruding, punching, heating and longitudinal and transverse stretching. With high tensile […]

Fiberglass Geogrid

Fiberglass Geogrid is woven by high tensile modulus fiberglass filament then coated with adhesive. Fiberglass geogrid is a kind of new favorable earthwork base material to […]

Polyester Geogrid

Polyester Geogrid knitted by high strength polyester wire which is a kind of new high quality based synthetics material for reinforcing the roadbed. It uses high […]
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