Steel Edge Type Rubber Water Stop for Concrete Structure

Back stick rubber waterstop for building concrete joints
elastomeric rubber bearing pad

Steel Edge Type Rubber Water Stop for Concrete Structure

Features of? Rubber Water Stop

? ??? ?Excellent elasticity and flexibility.

?? ?Resistant to abrasion and tearing.

?? ?Resistant to corrosion and chemical.

?? ?Resistant to water.

?? ?Resistant to weather and aging.

?? ?Excellent sealing effect.

The specification of rubber waterstop

Items Parameter
Hardness (Shore A) 60±5
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥8
Elongation at break (%) ≥380
Compression set 70℃? 24h (%) ≤35
23℃? 168h (%) ≤20
Brittleness temperature (℃) ≤-45
Hot-air aging 70℃×72h Hardness (Shore A) ≤+8
Tensile strength (N/mm2) ≥10
Elongation change rate (%) ≤20

Packaging & Shipping

Package of rubber waterstops: Mainly packed in rollers, in woven bags, making transportation more convinient.



Application of? Rubber Water Stop

? ??? ?They are widely used for moving joints and non-moving joints.

?? ?They are used for dams, swimming pool, bridges, tunnels, culverts and canals.

?? ?They are used for water and sewage treatment plants.

?? ?They are used for retaining walls.

?? ?They are also used for storage tanks,swimming pools and water reservoirs.


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About Boli

Special extrusion equipment of rubber waterstops. ? ? ? ? ??Special extrusion equipment of rubber waterstops.?


Rubber just coming out of extrusion.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Steel edge rubber waterstop pressure molding.


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